Our Team :


Dr. Ng Wing Kee
B.D.S, Malaya

Dr.Ng Wing Kee graduated as Bachelor in Dental Surgery from University of Malaya in 1996. He joined ST Tiew Dental Group Sdn Bhd since 1996 and currently holding a partnership for two branches in Nilai & Kajang. Dr. Ng Wing Kee is interested in restoration, oral surgery and endodontic. He is very keen and active in community service and committed to overseas dental services that pay a yearly visit to rural area of northern Thailand and Myanmar. He likes travelling and spending time with his loving wife and two children.


1996 (current) - a member of ST Tiew Dental Group Sdn Bhd 

Partnership in Tiew Dental Nilai

Partnership in Tiew Dental Kajang (Sg. Chua)

Time Table:
Monday, Sg. Chua(Kajang)
Tuesday, Nilai
Wednesday, Sg. Chua(Kajang)
Thursday, Nilai
Friday, Sg. Chua(Kajang)
- Laser Dentistry

- Cosmetic Treatment

- Restorative Dentistry

- Periodontic Treatment

- Endodontic Treatment

- Preventive Dentistry

- Prosthetic Treatment

- General Dentistry